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Kevin McCord

Professional with 16 years insurance experience


Kevin McCord is the Director of Internal Audit for GE Capital’s portfolio of insurance companies. A dedicated internal audit P&C and Life insurance professional with 16 years of experience, Kevin has built his career on pillars of cross-functional competence and personal merit.

Kevin earned his Bachelor’s Degree in 1994 and taught middle and high school for two years immediately after graduating. This experience ended up being a formative influence on his life; as a teacher at a small rural school that lacked money and resources, Kevin needed to learn to make do with what he had. Later, while doing international volunteer work, he similarly learned to roll with the punches and find his own solutions, but to a different extreme.

In 1999 Kevin earned his MBA from the University of Georgia. Upon his graduation, he hoped to pursue another track in international work, and he found his answer  at a major global insurance company. He was selected to participate in the company’s fast-track corporate development program overseen by C-suite executives.

Over time, Kevin learned how to manage various aspects of an insurance company.  He started as a senior business consultant II, finished the program, and then took a role as a senior underwriter. Kevin handled domestic and Latin American consulting assignments in reinsurance, specialty risk underwriting, personal and commercial lines, marketing, and distribution. He also underwrote and marketed international and domestic directors and officers (D&O) management liability insurance.

In 2004 Kevin took the next step of his career by joining the team of a major consulting firm. Over the next ten years he rose through the ranks from Senior Associate to Manager to Senior Manager to Director. Kevin’s responsibilities spanned project management, business development, and people (employee management). He also directly managed 10 people and instructed new employees at KPMG’s national firm-wide Advisory training.

The latter exemplifies Kevin’s lifelong passion for educating and advising others. From his early days as a teacher to this role at KPMG, he is dedicated to empowering others and helping them achieve their greatest potential. At this same time, this role helped Kevin come “full circle” in a way; once an aspiring trainee himself in the world of financial services, he now used his expertise to mentor up-and-coming employees.

Since 2014, Kevin has served as the Director of the Internal Audit team for GE Capital’s global P&C/Life insurance sector. He manages a cross-functional team of audit professionals, advises and challenges internal stakeholders on company compliance within the insurance sector, and is responsible for developing and executing the company’s annual global insurance audit plan.

In addition to his professional career, Kevin enjoys volunteer work in communities around the world. Over the past decade, Kevin has taken multiple mission trips with his church to various locales in Central America.

On this blog, Kevin McCord will share his insights into leadership, team-building and management, contextualized by his long and diverse history in the corporate world. He will also share some of his favorite stories and lessons from his international volunteer work.

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