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What motivates millennial workers? And why does it matter? Whether you are ready for it or not, millennials are now a majority of the workplace population. And with that comes new business needs. Millennials expect certain things and in order to snag and maintain quality millennial talent, business owners must cater to their needs. What are some things millennials expect from a workplace?


The definition of a millennial is someone who grew up with the internet. That being said, millennials are not always willing to be confined to a 9-5 everyday. They know they can work from anywhere at anytime, as long as they have accessible wifi. Companies are beginning to embrace this by providing more flexible working hours, work from home options and more days off.

Office Perks

Millennials enjoy frequent perks. This does not mean the office has to spend inordinate amounts of money lavishing them. Simply providing healthy snacks to your millennial employees makes them feel more valued. Many offices have created zen working places compete with couches and plants. This provides a cozy alternative to working at a desk, and millennials not only appreciate that, but have come to expect it.

Focus on Healthy Living

Millennials were born into a world that was finally beginning to understand and implement healthy ways of living, such as daily exercise and healthy eating. That being said, millennials expect to see that reflected in their workplace. For example, allowing an hour over lunch to take a yoga class or go for a run ranks high in the millennial mind. It also allows them to return to work feeling refreshed and even more creative. Millennials are willing to work long hours, but breaks in between for a workout and a healthy meal are a must for many millennials.

Why is it important to understand what millennials want from work? The professional workforce is now made up of 25% millennials. As more and more graduate from college and move into a career, this number will only grow. So, instead of dismissing millennials, companies need to understand and embrace how millennials work best. Millennials look for flexibility, perks and a healthy atmosphere in their job. The more that companies and bosses can cater to this, the more production they will see out of their millennial employees!